What’s New

August 24, 2019:  Information from Alex Smith, from the DNR, was shared by Jessica Flanery at the annual meeting regarding replacing trees:

“As for replacing trees and native plants, DNR has a couple of grant options.  First is the Healthy Lakes program that pay up to $1000 for smaller 350 square foot plantings and other things like rain gardens and infiltration areas.  The second is a Lake Protection Grant for that can pay for full shoreline restoration projects. https://dnr.wi.gov/Aid/documents/SurfaceWater/LakeProtectionGrantOverview.pdf  Both grants are due on Feb. 1, 2020 and the State pays 75% of the costs. Projects would start around May 1, 2020.

Polk County also has a tree and shrub sale program each spring: https://www.co.polk.wi.us/index.asp?SEC=6ACBEF15-9F30-4B8F-810C-8A8320AF5B44&DE=587CB82D-9336-43EB-9665-8A7A8B1D778A  This isn’t a grant program so the property owners or Lake District would have to pay for the trees and shrubs”.

Alex Smith


August 15, 2019:  Update on Harvesting:  The plan is to have the leaf springs on the trailer repaired by Friday, August 16, 2019 and begin harvesting (skimming) on the North lake on Monday, August 19, 2019.

June 2019:  Andy Davis informed the board in March that he would not be able to serve on the board and that they would be selling their property on the lake.  Jerry Campbell was appointed to replace Andy as a commissioner and elected the new chairperson at the May board meeting.

December 30, 2018:  At the board meeting on December 1, 2018, Andy Davis was appointed to replace Joel Kraemer as a commissioner on the board and was subsequently elected as the new chairperson.  Joel sold his property on the lake and was no longer eligible to serve.

September 25, 2018:  At the board meeting on September 22, 2108 it was brought to the board’s attention that a few people had sent emails to board members and there was no correspondence back. Upon running a test email today, the email addresses are not working. A call has been made to the web host to correct the problem, which may of happened when the site’s tabs were down. The board’s practice is to respond to any email that is received. Without knowing that emails had been sent, the board did not respond. If you do not receive a response, please contact the board members from the other contact information. Thank you.

October 12, 2017: Aquatic Plant Management Plan, APMP, Update: Emailed Alex Smith at the DNR yesterday for a status update on the APMP. I received an email with an attachment letter approving the APMP as presented. Hard copy is being sent to the District today. Next step is for our engineer to finalize the multiple electronic and hard copies of the plan before yearend, so her final payment is sent before the grant expiration on 12/30/17. After the grant expiration, the District has 6 months to complete the financial reports and closing documents to present to the DNR for final payment of the grant.

October 12, 2017: The beavers are still around, but have been very elusive. Since the update last month, the beavers moved a little further to the east of the spot that they started building a dam. Jim Kimbllin is in contact with the trapper and monitoring the beaver activity.

October 12, 2017: Dredging Project Update: Since the annual meeting, Jim Kimbllin has been working on the application’s questions and both Jim and Joel have been in contact with a hydrologist and a dredging company regarding water levels and sediment returning to the dredged area.

Joel contacted a hydrologist from Cedar Corporation in Menomonie, WI regarding changes in water levels due to dredging. The hydrologist said that there should be no significant change in the lakes’ water levels with the amount of dredging that is being proposed. He said that primary reason for water level changes come from changes in property development near or around the lakes, i.e. real estate development on the lake that could change water flows to or from the lake. We also discussed the removal of the “Country Dam” on the Apple River by Hwy 8 and County Road H, along with the change in culvert depth on County Road E near 163rd St.  when County Road E was resurfaced. He commented that both of these items would of had a greater change on the water levels of the lakes as it was a true diversion of water out of the lakes. The dredging between the lakes is not a diversion of water in or out of the lakes, it is just a lowering of the river bottom for a short distance within the lakes.

Jim talked with Precision Dredging in Phelps, WI regarding the channel filling back in after dredging. Following is their response to the question. “In regards to your concerns of sediment returning to the proposed dredging area, the present sediment and rockiness of the channel described to us by Jim, we feel that you would see about a foot of sediment return after the next several years. We did a similar channel in 2009 by Lac du Flambeau WI between Big and Little Crawling Stone lakes, since then it has just under a foot of sediment that returned to the channel. Any area that has looser sediment would be dug deeper to compensate for sloughing of the loose material.”

July 17, 2017: As many are aware, the committee met with the DNR in Spooner WI for the pre-application for dredging between the North and South Lake late last year. After discussing our dredging proposal, the DNR give the committee the go ahead to proceed with a formal application, which the committee is currently working on.